Chocolate Rush Patisserie

I love how Church Street Parramatta has evolved over the years into a really decent eating hub for lunch, dinner and desserts. When I saw Chocolate Rush Patisserie on Church Street, I was very much intrigued.


Today I finally decided to finally try Chocolate Rush Patisserie because I have heard so many great things about the place. My friend and I went in to order some items to take away. My friend only wanted to order Passionfruit Sorbet because she was on a diet, but I decided to order a Chocolate Cake Pop and a slice of the Milk Chocolate Cake. I decided to be good and wait until I got home to try my goodies, because I did not want to make my friend jealous.

When I got home I put my baby to sleep and tried the slice of Milk Chocolate Cake first. The Milk Chocolate Cake tasted not bad, but I cannot say I was overly impressed. The cake did not taste smooth and very chocolatey like other similar cakes I have eaten in the past. Then I took another bite and I felt a crunching sensation in my mouth and I took a look and I saw it was bits of egg shell in my cake. I was so disappointed that I threw the cake away.



I then tasted the Cake Pop. The Cake Pop was was not bad either, the cake part was very moist like mud cake but it need more of a chocolate hit.



I really honestly had high hopes for this place and I really wanted to say that I loved the what I ordered, but unfortunately I did not. The place is beautiful, the service is superb but I was just not impressed with what I ordered.

I doubt I will return to Chocolate Rush Patisserie to try any more of their cakes or chocolate.

Chocolate Rush Patisserie website:


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