Easy Homemade Chocolate Frosted Donuts

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year.

I have started this year off by obsessing about making donuts.

I love a good donut and I have decided to attempt to make my own again. I wanted to make the best donuts ever using the easiest recipe ever. Lucky for me, I found the perfect recipe.

The donut recipe that I found was from my favourite blog- Sally’s Baking Addiction. This recipe was so easy, actually too easy to make.

Making the donuts was an easy task, I made these donuts in under an hour.

When the donuts were ready, I let the donuts cool down and then I dipped them into the bowl of ganache. I then sprinkled them with sprinkles.


I could not wait to try a donut, so I ate one immediately. The donuts tasted really good, the donuts had the perfect donut texture and taste. The donut had a nice cake like texture and best of all it was moist. I also liked the hint of nutmeg in the donut, but my husband said he would’ve preferred the use of cinnamon. The donuts tasted so good that I may have eaten 4 or maybe more.

As requested by my husband, for my next donut experiment I will use cinnamon instead of nutmeg.

The recipe for Easy Homemade Chocolate Frosted Donuts can be found on this website:

Chocolate Frosted Donuts.


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