Flyin’ Fox Coconut and Milk Ice Blox

A few months ago my family and I went to Canberra to visit family. On the way to Canberra we stopped at Bowral for lunch and I went to visit my favourite health food shop Raw and Wild Health Market and Cafe. Whilst I was looking around, I stumbled upon the Flyin’ Fox Ice Blox range.

The Flyin’ Fox Ice Blox range looked really interesting, what appealed to me the most is that the ice bloxs were made of organic ingredients. I noticed that there was a wide range of flavours such as mango and orange, chocolate and milk, coconut and milk and many others. I ended up buying the coconut flavoured ice cream because I am obsessed with everything coconut.

The  Flyin’ Fox Coconut and Milk Ice Blox tasted really good and was perfect for that hot day in Bowral. The  Flyin’ Fox Coconut and Milk Ice Blox had a nice delicious coconut flavour, you could taste that it was made with natural ingredients and it was so refreshing.

FullSizeRender (13)

I was really impressed with the ice blox that I did some research on the brand and I was quite impressed what I read. (I suggest you have a read)

I also found out that the ice blox are sold in some health food shops near me, when I get the time I will definitely stock up.  These ice bloxs will be definitely be a healthier alternative for my son when he gets older.

Flyin’ Fox Ice Blox website:

*note: Sorry about the delay, I forgot to write my blog post about it last year. I blame my baby brain


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