Streets Coconut Fruttare

As you may have noticed I have an obsession for eating all things containing coconut, when I saw Streets Coconut Fruttare in the supermarket fridge I was naturally excited.

I had been eyeing off Streets Coconut Fruttare for a few weeks, but I did not buy it because I had promised my husband that I would not buy any new ice cream. The reason for this, was that our freezer is loaded with ice cream that I did not like and it is really become a problem, this is what happens when a person is obsessed with trying new food items. I ended up buying Streets Coconut Fruttare only because it was on special at Woolworths.

When I got home after grocery shopping, I immediately tried one of the Streets Coconut Fruttare. My immediate reaction was not good, I thought the ice cream had a terrible after taste. I also did not think the ice cream had a nice coconut flavour and it was not really creamy. Sadly I was not sold on the ice cream. I got my husband to have a bite and he agreed with me. Unfortunately I had to add this ice cream to the other disliked ice creams in my freezer.

IMG_8765 IMG_8764

I felt so disappointed with the Streets Coconut Fruttare, I had high hopes for the ice cream. I think I much prefer the Flying Fox Coconut Ice Blox.

Streets Coconut Fruttare are available from all supermarkets


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