My favourite sweet eats for January

This month I have been obsessing over a few items that I used to be crazy about in the past. I just recently re-discovered them and now my love for these things has been rekindled.

 Zokoko’s Chocolate Milkshake

A chocolate milkshake is quite a simple thing to make and it is very hard to stuff up, this does not mean it is easy to make a great tasting milkshake. The chocolate milkshake at Zokoko is a great tasting milkshake and is probably the best chocolate milkshake I have ever drunk. Zokoko’s chocolate milkshake is made using Sungold milk and their delicious Zokoko Chocolate, I think these two things make the chocolate milkshake so awesome!


Zokoko is located at: 3/84-90 Old Bathurst Road, Emu Heights NSW 2750

Black Star Pastry’s Strawberry and Waternelon Cake 

I have always loved this cake, but since I have been busy with the baby, I have not had time to eat this delicious cake. This week I went to visit Black Star Pastry to eat their pies and I fell back in love with this cake. The Strawberry and Watermelon cake is so delicious and not too sweet. The cake is also so refreshing too. I am seriously considering ordering this cake for my baby’s first birthday.


Black Star Pastry is located at various locations, I love their Rosebery store: C1, 85-113 Dunning Avenue
Rosebery NSW

Yarra Valley Chocolaterie’s Gourmet Collection Milk Chocolate

I have been obsessing over this chocolate so badly this month. I actually ended up ordering 10 blocks of the chocolate. I am not normally a huge fan of milk chocolate, but this chocolate is too delicious not to love. The milk chocolate tastes so amazing and it literally melts in your mouth. I am so happy that I can purchase this chocolate online.

IMG_0299 (1)

Yarra Valley Chocolaterie’s website:

What are your favourite sweet eats this month?


2 thoughts on “My favourite sweet eats for January

  1. missemzyy says:

    Yum that watermelon cake is to die for! My favourite sweet treat at the moment would have to be the strawberry gelato at “Il Locale Gelato” in Berry! The best gelato I have had!

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