3 Ingredients Nutella Cookies

I guess you are all pretty sick of my 3 Ingredients Nutella posts right? Sorry, here is another one!

I have been busy Googling Nutella recipes this week and have come across so many easy recipes. I really cannot believe how magical this product is. I actually feel a little bit annoyed that I have been slaving away in the kitchen making chocolate cake and all this time I could have saved time by using two ingredients and Nutella.

Anyway, one recipe that caught my eye was a recipe for 3 Ingredients Nutella Cookies. I chose this recipe because I love cookies and of course the recipe looked easy.

There were various ways to shape the cookies, but I chose not to flatten the cookies a lot, so I can have a thicker chewy cookie. As with the other 3 ingredients recipes the process was made and baked in under half an hour.

The cookies tasted really nice, the cookies had a dense and chewy texture. The cookies were also very hazelnutty-chocolatey too. I could not believe that such a simple cookie recipe could taste so good!


Despite being slightly obsessed with baking with Nutella, I think it might be time to take a break. I must think up a some new recipes to challenge myself.

The recipe for 3 Ingredients Nutella Cookies can be found on this website:



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