Pot Plant Chocolate Cheesecake with Oreo Soil

Sometimes I wish I could just turn the off switch in my brain so that I could relax. Unfortunately for me, my brain never switches off and I always have thoughts running through my head. The main reason I have trouble sleeping is because I always have baking ideas running through my head. This week I thought I would try to make my own pot plant cake.

I have seen various versions of the pot plant cake on my friend’s instagram account and it has always impressed me. This week I have been thinking of ways in which I could create my own, so I jotted down some ideas and made my own.

The pot plant chocolate cheesecake was pretty simple to make. I went to Daiso and bought a plant pot and then made the ingredients for the chocolate cheesecake. I then put the ingredients of the chocolate cheesecake into the plant pot and made finishing touches so it looked like a pot plant. It was actually really simple to make.


I really loved how realistic the pot plant chocolate cheesecake looked, my friend could not even tell it was a cake and thought I was giving him a pot plant. (this made me laugh)

Give this recipe a go, it is very simple!

Pot Plant Chocolate Cheesecake with Oreo Soil Recipe

Note: This cream cheese mixture can make several pot plant chocolate cheesecakes, I placed the mixture in the fridge to use later.

1 plant pot

2 packets of Oreos

1 twig of mint or any edible herb or flower

2 tubs of spreadable cream cheese

1/2 cup of caster sugar

200 grams of chocolate

1/2 cup of thickened cream

50 grams of butter


Wash the plant pot and dry it

Measure the baking paper and cut it so that it fits neatly on the bottom of the plant pot

Combine biscuit crumbs with melted butter into the bottom of the plant pot. Place it in the refrigerator to chill.

Beat cream cheese and sugar using an electric mixer until smooth. (I did this without a mixer, I mixed it with a wooden spoon) Beat in the melted chocolate and cream until well combined.

Spoon the mixture onto the prepared crumbed base and leave approximately a 2cm gap on the top

Spoon the Oreo soil (the processed biscuit crumbs) on the top of the cream cheese mixture until it almost fills to the top

Place flower in the middle of the pot plant

Refrigerate until set.


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