Arnott’s Coconut Cream Tim Tam Biscuits

When I found out that Adriano Zumbo was doing another collaboration with Arnotts to make some new flavours of Tim Tam biscuits, I was super excited and then I found out one of them was a coconut cream flavour, I almost fell off my chair.

As you all know, I am obsessed with all things coconut, so Arnotts Coconut Cream Tim Tam Biscuits are right up my flavour alley. So it was only natural that when I found out I went to the supermarket ASAP!

Unfortunately when I got home I had no  time to sit down to try a Coconut Cream Tim Tam biscuit because I had to feed and bathe my baby, so I had to wait a few long excruciating hours until I had to the chance to try them.

FullSizeRender (15)

When I finally had the chance, I immediately tried one. I really loved the taste of the Coconut Cream Tim Tam biscuit, it tasted divine, the coconut cream part actually tasted like real coconut and not artificial like some coconut flavoured biscuits. The coconut cream part was also creamy and of course the biscuit part tasted like the regular delicious Tim Tam.


I am so excited about these new Tim Tam biscuits that I may even try the Choc Raspberry flavoured Tim Tam.

Let me know what you think


Arnott’s Coconut Cream Tim Tam biscuits and Choc Raspberry Tim Tam biscuits are available at Woolworths, Coles and most other supermarkets


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