New Cake Creations

I have been in an experimental mood lately, so I have been busily baking whole cakes. The reason for the experimenting is because I have decided that I will bake my baby’s 1st birthday cake. Usually baking a whole cake scares me, but I had a good recipe to rely on, so I was not fearful.

My first cake I made was a simple vanilla cake with buttercream centre and icing. I piped roses on top. This cake was quite challenging to make because making sure the icing was smooth around the cake was hard. The cake thankfully looked okay tasted deliciously moist.


The second cake I made was a Rainbow Cake. This cake was also quite challenging because I honestly did not know how to start. I ended up buying some cute heart shaped tins from Daiso.


These tins were great for baking a multi layered cake and they only costed $2,80 each. I ended up using three of these.

For the cake I used pink, blue and green food colouring and put white buttercream between the layers. I then used buttercream to ice the cake and then piped roses on the top of the cake.

IMG_0821 IMG_0822

The Rainbow Cake turned out well and I was very relieved that it tasted moist and delicious. Next time I may try some of the rainbow designs that I saw online.

My next challenge will be to bake a bigger cake, I am absolutely terrified!


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