Royce Chocolate

I love hearing about new types of chocolate and it seems that I have an obsession for trying new things, when I heard that Royce Chocolate had opened up in Chatswood, I was so excited, I have always been curious to what their chocolate tasted like, because it just looks so delicious.

Royce Chocolate originates from Japan and although I have never been to Japan, I have heard so many good things about their chocolate from friends.The first Australian Royce Chocolate store opened in Adelaide and just recently they opened up a store in Chatswood.

This week I made my way to Chatswood to try Royce Chocolate, I took my friend along because he was also curious about what their chocolate tasted. When we arrived at Royce Chocolate, I was in awe at all the different types of chocolate and the chocolate potato chips. The lady working at Royce Chocolate advised that we could sample any of their products before we bought them, this made me happy because I wanted to make sure I bought something I liked.

The first thing I tried was their chocolate covered potato chips. I tried the milk chocolate one first, the milk chocolate potato chip is simply a potato chip covered in milk chocolate. Upon my first bite, I was so amazed at how good it tasted, I loved the sweet and salty combination of the chocolate covered potato chips, I could have easily devoured a whole bag of these in one sitting.

The next one I tried was their fromage blanc potato chip chocolate. The fromage blanc potato chip chocolate is a potato chip coated with fromage white chocolate. I did not particularly like this one because cheese and white chocolate tasted weird to me.

The next item I tried was the Mild Milk Nama Chocolate. Nama chocolate is velvetety ganache chocolate which comprises of mostly cream or liquor. I chose only to try this one, because some of the other varieties contained either liquor or caffeine (tea), two things I can not consume whilst breast feeding. I had eaten Nama chocolate before whilst I was in Hong Kong and I loved it. The Mild Milk Nama chocolate from Royce Chocolate tasted divine, the chocolate literally melted in my mouth, the texture was so smooth and creamy.

I did not end up trying any more items, because I had to go home so I could beat the peak hour traffic. I ended up buying two boxes of the Mild Milk Nama Chocolate and two boxes of the milk chocolate covered potato chips. I was so happy that the store placed my Mild Milk Nama Chocolate in a mini cooler bag with a mini ice pack, this kept my chocolate cold for a few hours.

As soon as I am finished eating my Royce Chocolate goodies, I am going to buy more!



Mild Milk Nama Chocolate $24 (sorry I ate some lol)



Milk Chocolate Potato Chips $19 (worth every bite)

Royce Chocolate is located at:

Chatswood:  Westfield Chatswood, 1 Anderson Street, Chatswood NSW 2067

Adelaide: Westfield Marion, 297 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park SA 5046



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