Chocolate Coated Potato Chips

Ever since I have discovered Royce’s chocolate coated potato chips, I have obsessing over eating them, it is just a shame that they cost $19 a box. I decided that I would try making them for myself.

I figured that making chocolate coated potato chips should not be too hard to make because it is simply made with chocolate and chips. I Googled recipes and a lot of them involved vegetable shortening or coconut but I decided not to use either and to keep it simple.

When making the chocolate coated potato chips I used callebaut chocolate and Natural Company potato chips. The process of making the chocolate coated potato chips was so easy and it took not too long to make them, I was done in under half an hour.

I waited patiently for the chocolate coated potato chip to set. When the chocolate was set, the chocolate coated potato chips looked so good.


The chocolate coated potato chips tasted quite nice, it had the same sweet and salty taste as the Royce chocolate coated potato chips but just not the price tag. I will admit though that the Royce chocolate coated potato chips obviously taste better.

My friend has suggested that I add bacon to these chocolate coated potato chips, so this could be something that I might try next time.

Chocolate coated potato chips recipe

Chocolate melts or callebaut chocolate (as much as you like and depending how many  you want to make)

a packet of ridged chips


Melt the chocolate in the microwave on 50% power for 1 minute and stir the chocolate in the bowl until chocolate is melted. You may need to put the chocolate back into the microwave if it has not melted.

Dip one side of the potato chip  into the melted chocolate, making sure the potato chip is fully covered in chocolate. Drip off excess chocolate that is on the chip into the bowl. Place onto grease proof or parchment paper and leave it there until set.

Best consume chocolate coated potato chips on the same day


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