Heart, Cat and Star Shaped Cookies

I have been looking for new recipes online lately, because I needed something different to bake. I found a recipe for heart shaped cookies on my new favourite blog Lauren’s Latest.

I meant to blog this recipe for Valentine’s Day, but I totally forgot..

The heart shaped cookies looked quite difficult to make, but it was actually quite straight forward. The first time I made them I stuffed up because I got distracted and I did not follow the instructions properly. ( I blame my baby for not sleeping. ;))

The second time I made the heart shaped cookies, I made sure I followed the instructions properly. The heart shaped cookies turned out really nice this time and I was quite pleased how pretty they looked.


I waited impatiently for the heart shaped cookies to cool down and then I tried one. The heart shaped cookies looked amazing and they tasted really nice, the cookie had a softer texture, they tasted buttery and not too sweet.

I was so impressed with this recipe that I made cat shaped and star shaped cookies.


I think I may have to go to Spotlight to buy more gel colours, I want to see if I can attempt to make other shapes and maybe try to make Eugene’s rainbow heart shaped cookies.

Heart shaped cookies recipe can be found on this website:

Slice n’ Bake Valentine Heart Cookies


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