Taste of Sydney 2015

Every year my friend and I would go to the Taste of Sydney together to eat and shop until we almost pass out, this year I decided that I may not go because I have a baby. Yesterday my friend Suzi told me she had free tickets to attend today’s lunch time session, so I took her up on her offer and dragged my husband and baby to the Taste of Sydney.

I felt really bad dragging my husband and my 10 month old baby to this event, but I really wanted to go and could not say no to free tickets. I was hoping that my husband would enjoy himself and luckily he did. I only wished that it was nicer weather, because like last year it was raining and cloudy.

I love getting to events early, so we ended up getting there just after 11am and thankfully we got great parking. When we arrived, I noticed that there were already lots of people there.  Today is seemed like the event was packed full of school children.



As usual, I bought $50 worth of crowns. This year the lady selling the crowns told me that for the first time any money left on your crowns card is refundable and they take a $1 bond for the card so it gets returned. I was so happy with this, because last year I had to force myself to use up all the credits.

We all then joined the long queue and we were handed the menu card and I started studying it carefully looking for all the things that I love. I could not believe that one particular dish from Otto costed 69 crowns! (1 crown = $1)

When we arrived through the gates we headed straight to the food, because frankly I was starving. I ended up buying the slow roasted pig from 4 Fourteen (minus the garnishes so my baby could try some)  and as usual, it tasted amazing. The dish tasted so good that I forgot to offer some to my baby (bad mamma lol).


For my husband’s lunch we walked to many stalls and he did not seem to want to eat any of the food available. I was getting annoyed by then because I did not want him to starve. We went to The Cut Bar and Grill and my husband decided that he might try the Icon Dish, but it was not available yet. A few more stalls later and we stopped at Movida and I bought my husband the Pinchitos Morunos, thankfully he loved this.


After eating lunch we walked around to look at all the stalls near Movida and all I could see was mostly alcohol stalls and a few food stalls. I was not to happy with this, but my husband was having a field day trying all the different ciders etc.

Finally I stumbled upon my favourite French stall Fine French Food and bought myself two blocks of my favourite Echire Beurre French Salted Butter. I am really obsessed with this butter, so I was extremely happy that they finally had some in stock.

Next to Fine French Food, I noticed that there was La Maison De L’eclair, a place that I have been willing to try for ages. I ended up being very passive and bought only one mini coconut eclair. The coconut eclair was absolutely divine. Later on at the end of our visit, I bought a mini salted caramel eclair, but it was too sweet for me.



The next few stops ended up involving my husband trying more cider.. I was getting bored…

To my luck, I then happen to notice another place that I have been meaning to try for a long time called Duccio Gelato Five Dock. I have been wanting to try their brioche con aka gelato burger for a long time, so naturally I ordered one with stracciatella gelato. Unfortunately I felt slightly let down by this and I made my husband try some too and he agreed with me. The gelato was alright, but the brioche part was too dry for my liking.

FullSizeRender (16)

At this point I was feeling glum and needed something to cheer me up, thankfully my husband pointed out the Lewis Road Creamery stall and I was all cheered up again. I have always wanted to try Lewis Road Creamery’s butter and it did taste as amazing as my friends have told me. I ended up buying three blocks of butter.


I then bumped into my Twitter friend Melissa and her gorgeous baby Ava and we walked around.

I was feeling more happier to see more food stalls for me to salivate over. We ended up buying a Yonana dessert maker, some macadamia nuts and some breakfast cinnamon buns from Sonoma. I gave up looking around much because it was raining and my baby was feeling tired, so we went back to the car and went home.. (this took 2+ hours due to terrible traffic on the roads).

I am really hoping that the Taste of Sydney 2016 will be full of more food stalls and less alcohol stalls! (many attendees agreed with me). Next year I may not take my baby, because it restricted me doing other things such as cooking classes etc.


My small haul from the Taste of Sydney


The Taste of Sydney is held at Centennial Park from 12-15 March. They have lunch and dinner sessions, please refer to their website for further details http://www.tasteofsydney.com.au/


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