Doughboys Doughnuts

Last week my family and I went to Melbourne for a holiday. The reason for the holiday was to have some relaxation time, my reason was so that I could eat my way around Melbourne. One thing that I was particularly interested in eating was doughnuts.

It seems that fancy doughnuts or donuts have become such a popular food item since last year and this year. Everywhere I look it seems that a new doughnut place has popped up. When I was in Melbourne I visited two doughnut places, one of them was Doughboys Doughnuts.

I had heard so many great things about Doughboys Doughnuts and was eager to try their doughnuts. When I arrived at Doughboys Doughnuts there were so many interesting varieties of doughnuts on sale, I found it so hard choosing which ones I wanted to buy. I decided that I would only buy 3 doughnuts because the lady working there said they stay fresh for approximately 6 hours. I ended up buying the following flavours Pump Pecan Pop, Gimme S’more and Butterstch Ban. I did not have time to try their doughnuts straight away because we were running late for our flight, so I ate my first doughnut on the flight home.



The Pump Pecan Pop doughnut was the first doughnut that I tried. The Pump Pecan Pop doughnut had roast pumpkin spiced icing with caramelised pecans, popcorn dust and caramel drizzle. I was admittedly quite apprehensive to try this doughnut because I do not like pumpkin, but it just sounded too divine not to try it. When I ate this doughnut I honestly could not taste the pumpkin, the doughnut tasted really nice and not too sweet. I really loved the pecans on the doughnut. The doughnut texture was not too heavy either. I could have easily eaten another one of these.

I ended up sharing the next two doughnuts with my husband when we were stuck in traffic driving home in Sydney. He really liked the doughnuts too, which was odd because my husband hates sweet things.

The Gimme S’more doughnut had dark chocolate ganache with crumbled hand made wheat Graham cracker biscuits topped with a torched marshmallow square. This doughnut was too sweet for me, I found the combination of the dark chocolate ganache plus the marshmallow too sweet.

The last doughnut that I ate was the Butterscth Ban doughnut. The Butterscth Ban doughnut had butterscotch topped creamed banana Heilala vanilla bean icing dusted with house made chocolate brownie crumbs. I really liked this doughnut, the doughnut was not too sweet and the icing was divine. I could have easily eaten another one of these.

Overall I have to say that Doughboys Doughnuts are the best doughnuts that I have ever eaten. The doughnuts are not too sweet, very inventive and the texture is spot on. I want to fly back to Melbourne so I can get my doughnut fix!

Doughboys Doughnuts are located at:

Upstairs, 456 Queen Street Melbourne CBD.


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