Operator 25

Firstly I would like to say the following statement “I love this café

For my first café experience in Melbourne, I wanted to find a place that served amazing coffee, delicious food and a fantastic hot chocolate.  I ended up consulting my friend on Instagram @theragingpiglet because he was my go to person in terms of where to eat in Melbourne. He suggested that I try this café and honestly, everything he said about this café was spot on.

During my short not quite 4 day stay in Melbourne, I visited Operator 25 3 times for breakfast. I think I just fell in love with this café and being the predictable person that I am, I did not want to risk another bad café experience. (I went to another café and it was terrible).

Operator 25 served the most delicious food, I wished that we had stayed longer so I could have eaten my way through the entire menu. The thing that impressed me most, was that the café had amazing customer service. All the staff here were so polite and so lovely towards my baby.

I won’t go into details about all the food I ate (trust me it was all great), I wanted to tell my sweet toothed readers that Operator 25 sells an amazing hot chocolate,and perhaps one of the best I have ever drunk in Melbourne. The hot chocolate at Operator 25 was so creamy, chocolatey and delicious. The hot chocolate comes in various sizes and on my last visit I found out that they have a large sized hot chocolate which is served in this cute bowl. I think this serving size of hot chocolate should be sold everywhere.


One breakfast item that I must tell you about is the Coconut Sago. The Coconut Sago was superb, it had mixed berries, mango foam and coconut chips. The Coconut Sago was undoubtedly the best Coconut Sago that I have EVER eaten. I really wish I had the talent to make this dish, but I had one huge  failed attempt with tapioca years ago and have since not tried to make it again.

IMG_2054 (1)

My Husband said that I should tell you that the coffee was superb too (I hate coffee, so it means nothing to me).

I wish Sydney had a café as awesome as Operator 25! I want to go back to Melbourne asap!

Operator 25 is located at:

25 Willis Street, Melbourne CBD


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