Shortstop Coffee and Donuts

The other donut place that we visited whilst holidaying in Melbourne was Shortstop Coffee and Donuts. I had heard so many amazing things about Shortstop Coffee and Donuts and people keep telling me that they sell out really quickly, so I decided to pre-order my donuts before we arrived in Melbourne.

Shortstop Coffee and Donuts sell so many interesting types of donuts. Their donuts come in several different types such as filled donuts, raised donuts, crueller and cake donuts. I ended up ordering the following donuts  2 x Boston Cream (filled donut), 1 x Cinnamon, Cardamon and sugar and 2 x Vanilla bean donut (raised donut) and 1 x Hazelnut Chocolate and Banana (cake donut). I can tell you now, I definitely ordered way too many donuts!

IMG_1792 (1)

I picked up my donuts on the second day that we arrived in Melbourne. I was so glad that I pre ordered my donuts because they were virtually all sold out when I arrived after 2pm. As soon as I left the shop I immediately tried the Boston Cream filled donut. The Boston Cream donut was filled with vanilla creme and topped with dark chocolate. I quite liked this donut but I was not a huge fan of the cream filling, the cream filling was quite heavy and too sweet for me.

When we arrived back at our hotel, my Husband tried the Hazelnut Chocolate and Banana cake donut. My Husband liked the Hazelnut Chocolate and Banana cake donut, he said it tasted like hazelnut banana bread, he said the texture was quite dense like banana bread.

Over the next few hours, I ate the other two types of donuts. The Cinnamon, Cardamon and sugar raised donut tasted quite nice, but it was definitely was not my favourite. The Vanilla bean donut was very delicious and probably my favourite, the winning component of this donut was the vanilla bean glaze, honestly what’s not to love about a glazed donut.

After eating all these donuts, I was in a donut coma and could not move.

I have to say that Shortstop Donuts are definitely quite good, but I cannot say they are the best donuts that I have ever eaten.

Shortstop Coffee and Donuts website:


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