Revealed: My Baby’s 1st Birthday Cake

Sorry I have not be around here much, I have been so busy planning my Baby’s first birthday.

I am not sure if you remember, but I was finding it so hard in deciding what sort of birthday cake to make for my Baby’s first birthday. I finally decided upon a Batman themed chocolate and nutella piñata cake. I ended up sourcing ideas from the internet and used two websites to help me make the cake.

I will admit that I was slightly scared of making this cake, I had never used fondant before and silly me only decided to work with it on the day I was planning to make the cake. Luckily my husband volunteered to help cut out the shapes, because I knew that I would be very good at doing this.

The cake part was pretty straight forward, I used the Triple Chocolate Layer cake from Sally’s Baking addiction and then added a piñata twist to the cake.

The fondant part of the cake was really frustrating to make and at times I thought I would never get it done, thankfully I did. I also found trying to place icing on the cake perfectly to be an impossible mission.

Here is my cake…


In typical clumsy me style. I had a cake accident before we got to the venue, the cake tipped off the cake stand and some icing landed on my dress! I almost died… lucky the damage was not major.

The piñata part of the cake worked out really well when it was cut. I wish I had brought my own sharper knife, because the restaurant’s knife was not sharp and it made it hard to cut the cake,

FullSizeRender (21)

Sorry about the photography.. I blame my brother

I also got told by everyone that the cake tasted really good and this made me feel so happy, there is nothing worse than a cake that looks good but tastes dry.

So there you go, I successfully made a birthday cake!  (big sigh of relief)

The instructions on how to make the Batman cake decorations can be found on this website:

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