Koko Black Sydney

For many years now, I have been a huge fan of Koko Black and every time I visit one of their stores I always ask when are they going to open up a store in Sydney. Luckily for me, two stores opened up in Sydney a few months ago.

Considering I have been waiting a long time for Koko Black to open up a store in Sydney, you would think they I would one of the first people to visit these stores, but strangely I only managed to make a visit last week. (I blame the fact that I have a baby lol).

Koko Black has opened up two stores, one is located inside the QVB and the other in the Strand Arcade. I have not been to the QVB store, but I did manage to find time during my lunch break to visit the Strand Arcade store. The Strand Arcade store is located where Bon Bon Chocolate used to be.

The Strand Arcade store has two glorious levels, the top level is where they sell their chocolate and downstairs is the café. The café downstairs is not as big as the Melbourne or Canberra stores, but it still has the same sort of menu.




When I walked down the stairs to the café, the room smelt like hot chocolate. The service is quite efficient and friendly. Luckily when I went it was not busy.


I chose a seat and looked at the menu, there was so much to choose from. I was feeling quite full after devouring a burger and chips from Mary’s, so I ended up only ordering a piece of Chocolate Alchemy Gâteau cake. The Chocolate Alchemy Gâteau cake is described as “our signature chocolate cake layered with Madagascan chocolate creme, dark chocolate mousse and a chewy chocolate caramel”.


The Chocolate Alchemy Gâteau cake was absolutely divine, it tasted quite chocolatey and rich. I did not end up eating the whole cake which certainly unusual for me. I was especially quite fond of the chocolate soil that was scattered on the plate.

Unfortunately I only had time to have a quick look at the chocolate upstairs and I bought 50 grams of the marshmallow Madagascan vanilla bean chocolate from the inclusions range.

Hopefully one day I will have time to also visit the QVB store, my sister in law said the QVB store is a lot smaller.

I cannot decide if having Koko Black in Sydney is a good or bad thing, my waist line suggest it could be a bad thing lol.

Koko Black’s website: 


QVB store:

Shop 3, Ground Floor, Queen Victoria Building

445 George Street Sydney NSW 2000

Strand Arcade store:

Cnr of Pitt Street Mall and Strand Arcade, Sydney NSW

Strand Arcade, 412 – 414 George Street Sydney NSW 2000)


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