Mrs C’s Cupcakes 

For weeks now I gave been hearing and reading about Mrs C’s Cupcakes. I read a few articles that have said that Jackie O from Kiss FM reckons that Mrs C’s Cupcakes are the best, I decided that I would go visit the shop and make up my own mind.

I have driven passed this cupcake shop a few times when I had to drive my husband to work, but I never thought of going to try their cupcakes because I prefer baking my own cupcakes. This afternoon I decided that I would drop by the shop and buy a few to try.

When I arrived at Mrs C’s Cupcakes, I was immediately drawn and amused by the quote of the chalk board. 

I headed into the shop and was warmly greeted by a lovely man at the counter. I noticed on the menu board that the sold a lovely variety of cupcakes. 

I asked the man working there which cupcake was his favourite and he said his favourite was the Lemon Meringue, because I am not a fan of lemon flavoured cupcakes I opted to buy the Cookies and Cream and the Chocolate Rocher. It was quite hard narrowing down to choosing only two cupcakes, because they all looked delicious. 

I decided to take the cupcakes home and eat them for dessert. 

After dinner I immediately tried the cupcakes. 

Both cupcakes were so incredibly moist and they both didn’t have any dry bits like other store bought cupcakes that I had bought. The cupcakes and the icing were not too sweet. I personally preferred the Cookies and Cream cupcake because the icing was so light.

I was so happy that the cupcakes were nice, because I was so sick of eating bad cupcakes. 

I will definitely be coming back to try their other cupcakes soon! 

Mrs C’s Cupcakes are located at: 

367 High Street Penrith


One thought on “Mrs C’s Cupcakes 

  1. Nikki says:

    Thanks for giving Mrs C’s a go. Sharon is just beautiful. They also do suspends, where you can pay $5 and pay for a coffee & cupcake for someone less fortunate. It’s such a lovely shop & great thing that they bring to the penrith community.

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