Grumpy Donuts

Donuts seem to be the new food fad of 2015, there are so many cafes and companies making hand crafted donuts. The one company  that seemed to capture my attention was Grumpy Donuts because of their funny grumpy logo and delicious looking donuts. Being the kind of person who loves trying new things, I couldn’t not resist ordering donuts from Grumpy Donuts.

I found out about Grumpy Donuts from one of the food bloggers, I decided to wait a while and then make an order for their donuts when my friend was back at work. Two weeks ago Grumpy Donuts had opened up new delivery dates, I didn’t want to wait so I immediately jumped online to make an order. I ended up choosing the delivery date of 31/7/15. The only issue that I found when ordering online was the fact that you had to order a minimum of 9 donuts, so I forced myself to order 9 donuts. (Oh the torture lol).

Choosing which donuts to order was so hard, all the donuts looked so good and I wanted to try all of them. I ended up ordering the Buttered Toast, S’mores, Maple Bacon Bar, Original Glazed and Oreo Vanilla Ring. 

My donuts got delivered to my workplace in the morning, I was so excited to see all the delicious donuts. The donuts looked so delicious and the scent of freshly baked donuts captivated the room. 


*excuse my bad photo, my office has poor lighting

I ended giving my friend S the Original Glazed donut and he was so impressed with how good the donut tasted. My other friend G bought the S’mores donut off me and he too was so impressed. 

As soon as I had time to spare, I tried the Buttered Toast donut. I really loved this donut and it was my favourite out of all the donuts. The Buttered Toast donut was so delicious, the brioche crumbs, the glaze and the butter combination tasted so good and was not too sweet at all. The texture of the donut was perfect, it was not too heavy and was deliciously soft. 

I ended up trying the Maple Bacon Bar donut after lunch and I have to say that that out of all the donuts, I liked this one the least. I wasn’t a fan of the maple flavoured icing, but I did love the smokey candied bacon. My bestie did not like this donut either.

For the rest of the donuts, I ended up sharing them amongst work colleagues because I was all donutted out. My work colleagues all loved the donuts and they wanted more. 

In my opinion and the opinion of my friends and work colleagues, Grumpy Donuts are the best donuts that we have ever eaten. I will definitely make another order for more Grumpy Donuts soon, I just have to be healthy for while. 

Grumpy Donuts website:
Follow them on Instagram for delivery updates: @grumpydonutsofficial  

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