Strawberry Golden Gaytime

Whilst wandering through my local Coles supermarket, I noticed that Streets have also released new flavours of Golden Gaytime on a stick, there were three new flavours, chocolate, strawberry and mint. Being the sucker that I am for new things, I decided to buy the Strawberry Golden Gaytime. 

The Strawberry Golden Gaytime is basically strawberry and vanilla ice cream coated in the famous Golden Gaytime chocolate and biscuit crumb coating. I thought that despite being quite disappointed with the tub version, this version might redeem itself. 

I was wrong.. 

The Strawberry Golden Gaytime was a huge let down, the strawberry ice cream part did not taste nice at all, in fact I thought it tasted too artificial. I actually couldn’t finish eating it and my husband refused to eat anymore because he didn’t like the taste at all. Nobody has time for wasted calories.

My Twitter friend S tried the mint version and she didn’t like it either and she is apparently a huge fan of mint ice cream.

So I think I have really learnt my lesson now, I shall not be buying anymore Golden Gaytime ice cream ever again! (Original version being the exception)

Now who wants to eat all my left over ice cream? 


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