Tella Balls Nutella Shake from Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery

For weeks now all I have heard about and read on social media is posts about these famous donuts called Tella Balls and the Tella Shake from Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery, I decided to go check it out to see if the hype is really worth it.

Finding the place was not too hard and lucky for me I found parking outside. Whilst waiting for my friend, I wandered inside to check out the donuts. I took a look at the donuts and noticed that they had a few different varieties but were sold out of the salted caramel and the vanilla bean ricotta donuts. There were however tonnes of the Nutella version left. The Tella Balls looked so delicious.,

Shortly after when my friend arrived, we were allocated a seat. We both agreed that we would order the Tella Ball Nutella Shake. The Tella Ball Nutella Shake took a while to arrive because they were quite busy. When the Tella Ball Nutella Shake arrived we were in awe of its beauty, it looked so delicious. The fun part was trying to figure out how to eat and drink it, we decided to take a bite of the ball first. Our reactions after eating the Tella Ball were quite similar, we both didn’t seem impressed with the Tella Ball. We thought that the Tella Ball was too dense and cakey, we really were expecting a more fluffy donut. My Tella Ball also did not have much Nutella in it, but my friend’s one did. The shake part however was very tasty and hard to finish.

Fourty five minutes later, our food finally arrived. We both agreed that we didn’t like what we ordered so we didn’t finish eating our lunch. 

When were about to leave, the table next to us told us that they have been waiting one hour for their lunch. 

We left the cafe without buying any Tella Balls to take home. Such a shame!

Doesn’t seem like this cafe had many happy customers today, we certainly were not too impressed.

If you have eaten the Tella Balls, what were your thoughts?

Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery is located at: 33 Bridge Street, Erskineville NSW 2043

Phone: 8971 8817

*Limited street parking outside the cafe, trying parking on George Street.


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