Nestle Kit Kat Studio-Create your own break

I am certainly no stranger when it comes to the hype of new things, so when I found out that I could create my own Kit Kat, I may have gotten quite excited.

The Nestle Kit Kat Studio- Create your break is a new and exciting pop up stall on level 2 of Westfield Sydney. The stall has been opened from the 4th August and is open until 30th August. 

When I arrived at the stall, the line was quite long, but I was determined to wait. I was informed that it would take 20 mins to line up to make the order and then 3 hours for your personalised Kit Kat to be ready. Once your personalised Kit Kat is ready for collection, you will receive a text. 

Whilst I lined up, I had a thorough read of the menu which gave me plenty of time to think about what I wanted to put in my Kit Kat. 



To personalise your own Kit Kat, you choose what sort of chocolate you want ( White, milk chocolate or dark) and then choose three ingredients from the list on the menu.  I decided to make a white chocolate Kit Kat with caramelised meringue, finely shredded toasted coconut and golden honeycomb shards. Once you have selected your ingredients, you could then also have your own name printed on the box.

After 1 hour I received a text notifying me that my personalised Kit Kat was ready for collection, I ended up picking up the Kit Kat after work. 

 My personalised Kit Kat tasted really nice, I was so happy with the combination. It tasted so good that I could’ve easily eaten the whole thing. 

I would love to go back and make another personalised Kit Kat, I really love the concept. 

If you don’t feel like waiting, you can purchase unique pre-made Kit Kat flavours for $4, the flavours vary from day to day. Eg- Peanut Butter and Creme Brûlée 

The Nestle Kit Kat Studio- Create your break is located at:

Westfield Sydney, Level 2 (opposite Gap) Pitt Street Mall Entrance Sydney CBD.

Cost: $9 (card payments only)

Opening time: 9:30am Monday- Sunday. 


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