Espresso Sydney

I would like to say that Espresso Sydney will be the death of me..! This cafe sells Pasticceria Papa ricotta cheesecake and is so close to my work place. Dangerous!! For two weeks or so I’ve been trying to avoid stopping at the cafe by walking very fast past the cafe, but today I caved in and had a look.

Espresso Sydney is my kind of heaven, they sell so many Pasticceria Papa goodies such as their ricotta cheesecake, biscuits, muffins and cannoli. 

This morning I decided be naughty, so I ordered a hot chocolate and a Pasticceria Papa Nutella muffin. 

The Pasticceria Papa Nutella muffin was so delicious, the muffin was so moist and it had a delicious dollop of Nutella in the centre of the muffin. My hot chocolate was not to my liking possibly because of the milk they used and the flavour was not that great. I didn’t not end up drinking the rest of the hot chocolate. 

The staff at the cafe told me that they get a Pasticceria Papa ricotta cheesecake delivered everyday and the cake usually sells out by the end of the day. 

I think I might have to cave in and buy a slice of the Pasticceria Papa ricotta cheesecake one day because I love that cheesecake so much. 

Espresso Sydney is located at: 

40 Park Street Sydney. (Next to the doctors surgery)


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