Mini Nutella Donut from Voglia Di Pane Fine Italian Bakery

After my disastrous Tella Ball incident, I was determined to find the best Nutella donut in Sydney. My friend suggested that I visit Voglia Di Pane Fine Italian Bakery in Woodpark, so I decided to make a trip down there with my baby today.

Woodpark was a suburb that I had never heard about before and surprisingly it only took me half an hour to get there. 

When I got to Dell Street, I noticed that there were a few different shops and further up near the end of the shopping strip was Voglia Di Pane Fine Italian Bakery. Lucky for me I got parking right outside the bakery.

Voglia Di Pane Fine Italian Bakery is a small bakery, I noticed that they sold bread, cakes, the odd sandwich and coffee. When I got there, there were a few people inside, but unlike my visit to Foodcraft, I didn’t have to wait long to be served. 


I naturally made an immediate bee line for the Nutella donuts and had a look, the donuts looked so good. My senses were on sugar over load.

I decided to be very good and only buy two mini Nutella donuts. Even though the Nutella donuts were called mini, they were actually the perfect size. 

I decided that I couldn’t wait to go home to try one, so I ate immediately one ..then Umm two. 

  From the first bite, I was so impressed at how soft and chewy the Nutella donut tasted. I was quite happy that the donut had a generous amount of Nutella inside. Part of me wanted to go back inside to buy more Nutella donuts, but I decided to be good.
I am so happy that I got my Nutella Donut redemption. At only $1.50 each, this Nutella donut is a bargain! 

I will be back! 

Voglia Di Pane Fine Italian Bakery is located at: 35 Dell Street Woodpark NSW 2164

Phone: 9892 1112

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