Kit Kat Cake

For my husband’s birthday this year, I thought that I’d bake him a cake. It was so hard deciding what to bake and in the end I decided to make a Kit Kat cake.

For the cake part, I decided to make a vanilla cake with peanut butter filling and chocolate icing. I used Sally’s Baking Blog very vanilla cupcake recipe but made it into a cake and then randomly made up the peanut butter filling. 

Unfortunately I stuffed up the icing because it was too bitter so I had to peel the icing off the cake. I had put too much cocoa powder in the icing and I only realised it was too bitter when tasted some. This was such a disaster for me because I had such a short amount of time left, so I resorted to buying store bought icing. The store bought icing tasted gross, I will never buy that again. 

The disasters didn’t stop there, I didn’t buy enough packets of Kit Kats and the Kit Kats kept splitting in half when I snapped them off the bar. I had to go back to the supermarket to buy more. I’ve learnt that next time I’ll have to buy the individual packets because they don’t have the break indent in the centre.  

The next disaster was that I only just realised that I didn’t have any masculine coloured ribbon, so I ended up using pink ribbon. 

Eventually the cake was completed and whilst it didn’t look perfect, it did look okay.

Thankfully when the cake was cut later that day, it looked and tasted great. I was so relieved! 

I might actually try to make this again one day soon, at least this time I can learn from my mistakes. 



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