Super moist carrot cake cupcakes 

This morning I thought I would sort out the fridge because it seems to be full of things that are rotten, when I was cleaning out the fridge I found two kilograms of carrots. I decided that I would use them up by baking carrot cake cupcakes and maybe carrot cake cookies. 

This morning I googled a recipe for carrot cake and the first search result was from my favourite blog Sally’s Baking Addiction, so I thought that I would use her recipe. Sally’s recipe for super moist carrot cake had one issue, it said I have to use a mixer and I was too lazy to use one, so I used a whisk instead. Luckily for me the carrot cake still worked out okay.

The carrot cake recipe was so easy to follow, I ended up using walnuts instead of pecans and I used my own cream cheese icing recipe. 

When the cupcakes were finished, I ate one and I can tell you that they looked and tasted amazing, the carrot cake cupcake was so unbelievably moist and the cream cheese icing was so creamy.

 I am so excited that the carrot cake cupcakes turned out so well because this is the first time that I have ever made them. Next time I might buy extra walnuts to garnish the cupcakes. 

Go to this recipe now!!!

Sally’s baking addiction super moist carrot cake recipe can be found on her website:


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