Doughnut Time

Donuts or doughnuts are definitely the IT food of 2015 and I can tell you that I am obsessed about eating them. When I read about a new doughnut place, I try my best to go try them. This time I found myself at Doughnut Time’s pop up shop on the Ground Floor of Topshop.

I was so exciting to try Doughnut Time’s doughnuts that I finished work early so I could try one. I arrived at Doughnut Time at 4:30pm and there were already ten people in line. 


The doughnuts in the display cabinets looked so delicious, they looked quite big in size that they looked like cronuts. It took me a while to decide which doughnuts to try, they all just looked so amazing.

In the end I decided to be good and only order two doughnuts, I chose the OG doughnut (original glazed) and the Slim Shady doughnut (cream glaze with M&Ms).

  The OG doughnut was alright, it kind of tasted plain though and I thought the doughnut texture was quite doughy. The Slim Shady doughnut was pretty much the same texture. I am thinking that maybe they were having a bad day because everyone else I know is raving on about them.

Unfortunately I cannot say that I’ll be back for more doughnuts any time soon or maybe I’ll visit their Brisbane branch one day. Second chances right?
What were your thoughts in their doughnuts?

Doughnut Time is located on the Ground Floor of Top Shop in Sydney city. Easy access via the QVB entrance. Open from 4pm. 



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