Chasing Mr Morris

This weekend my family and I are having a mini break in Canberra, my agenda whilst in Canberra was to eat and eat until I explode.  One of my planned places to visit was Chasing Mr Morris.

Chasing Mr Morris is a awesome food truck that makes the best donuts, cupcakes, coffee and much more. I have been drooling over their Instagram feed for months now. 

Unfortunately when I arrived at the Chasing Mr Morris food truck which is located at The Hamlet, they only had two types of donuts left. The two donuts were coconut ice and I think the other was called pink biscuit donut, I ended up buying one of each. I decided that I couldn’t wait to eat them, so I ate them straight away. From the first bite, I was really impressed, the donuts were soft and fluffy and not too sweet. Out of the two donuts, I liked the coconut ice donut the most. 


The next day I decided that I would visit them again to see if I could buy one of their gay time donuts, but unfortunately they had run out, I settled for a chocolate donut. The chocolate donut tasted so delicious as well, once again it was so soft, fluffy and not too sweet. I wish I bought two.

I have to say that I am so happy that the Chasing Mr Morris  donuts tasted good, because I could not deal with another donut failure. 
I am hoping that I can visit again tomorrow before I head back to Sydney. 

Why can’t Sydney a Chasing Mr Morris food truck too?

Chasing Mr Morris is located at The Hamlet 16 Lonsdale Street, Braddon. 

*Follow them on Instagram @chasingmrmorris

*Follow my Canberra food adventures on my Instagram @dessertaddictsanonymous


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