I know that most of you have already heard about the freak shakes from Patissez, so you won’t be surprised that I had to make a pit stop to this cafe to try their shakes when I was visiting Canberra.

Surprisingly I was not quite sure whether or not I should try the freak shakes or not, but I let my curiosity get the better of me and I went sans toddler to try it. I really wanted to see what the hype was about.

When I arrived at Patissez, I was not sure what to expect, so I took a seat at a table and the read the menu. There were a few freak shakes on the menu and thankfully they came in two sizes, the mini version and the out of control epic freak shakes. I opted for the cookies n freaks mini freak shake, because I was not brave enough to drink the bigger one. 

Luckily for me they were not busy and therefore my cookies n freaks freak shake arrived shortly after. (I got there 9:30am)

When my freak shake arrived, I was immediately in awe of its sugary beauty, the freak shake looked amazing. 

I will admit that I had no idea on how to start drinking/eating the freak shake. I decided the best option was take the cookie off the freak shake and drink the liquid part first. 

From first sip you could tell they used good quality milk, I read on their Facebook page that they use unhomogenised jersey milk and natural ingredients. The freak shake tasted sweet, but not too sweet, the milk was so creamy, the cookie on top tasted freshly baked and crunchy and they used fresh cream.  It was very indulgent and yummy. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the freak shake because I had just eaten a huge bacon and egg roll for breakfast. 

Now that I’ve had my first taste of these crazy shakes, I kind of would like to try the other flavours. I shall be back and next time I shall not be defeated!! 

Patissez is located at: Shop 2/21 “The Lawns” Bougainville Street Manuka. 

Patissez Facebook page:


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