Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches

Some people have a bucket list of things that they want to do, I have a bucket list of things that I want to eat, when I saw a photo of Butterbing’s cookie sandwiches, I knew that these delicious morsels must be added to my bucket list. 

Last week I went to Melbourne with my mum and my toddler, my main reason for the visit was so that I could eat all the foods on my bucket list, unfortunately due to circumstances that I won’t mention, I didn’t get to eat everything. Luckily however I got to eat a lot of Butterbing’s cookie sandwiches. 

I managed to discover that this cafe called Cafenatics in The Emporium sold Butterbing’s cookie sandwiches. When I arrived at the display cabinet, I was so in awe and wanted to eat all of the cookie sandwiches.

I decided to buy one coconut and one vanilla bean cookie sandwich. I didn’t want to buy more in case I didn’t like them.

 I decided that I would try the coconut Butterbing cookie sandwich first. The cookie sandwich tasted amazing, the cookie part tasted like a chocolate brownie, slightly crunchy and chewy in texture. The coconut filling tasted creamy and tasted like real coconut and was not too sweet. I was so in love with these cookie sandwiches and became instantly addicted.

The next few days I ended up buying two Butterbing cookie sandwiches each day and I also bought some to take home to Sydney. Unfortunately the cafe gave me a peanut butter cookie sandwich instead of the gingerbread cookie sandwich, I was so devastated because I was looking forward to trying the gingerbread version. 😞

I cannot wait to eat more of these cookie sandwiches again soon, my friend tells me that she saw some on sale at the Brewery Yard Markets in Sydney, hope they sell them there again soon.

Butterbing’s website: https://butterbing.neto.com.au/


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