Flour Market Sydney

When I read about the Flour Markets at the Sydney Boys High School, I was so super excited, so many of my favourite sweet brands were going to be there, the markets sounded like heaven. 

Forward on to the eve of the Flour Markets and I was so pumped to be going the next day, I had planned my day and what I wanted to buy, I already pre ordered my Butterbing cookie sandwiches .

I arrived at the Flour Markets at 9:10am, when I walked into the gate at the school I felt a huge burst of excitement, like a little girl going to Disneyland for the first time, I  may have almost run inside to join the queue.

The queue for the Flour Market was SO LONG that I almost thought about not going inside, but I forced myself to line up. Lining up was torture for this 35 degrees Celsius weather.


 The queue that formed behind me shortly after was also very long.
45 minutes later and I finally made it to the front of the line, the wait at the front of line was torture, the sweets were so close to me that I felt like I could touch them, but they made us wait a while before we could enter. 

At the entrance there were lots of cardboard boxes to put their goodies in which were given to patrons after they paid the $2 entry fee. The staff then announced that it was cash only. (lucky I already knew this).

 Whilst waiting in the front of the line I overheard someone say that Andy Bowdy had sold out on his desserts, my heart sunk. 

Finally I was allowed in, I had a look around to see where I should go first, my first stop was Woah Nelly Donuts.

Lucky for me Woah Nelly had plenty of donuts in stock, I decided to buy just one donut, I ended up buying one birthday cake donut.

My next pit stop was Butterbing, I was dying to check out their stall. The Butterbing stall was almost virtually empty, I was so glad that I had pre ordered my Butterbing.


My next pit stop was Grumpy Donuts, I was dying to try their cookie dough donut, thankfully they had some of those donuts in stock. 

My last pit stop was to join the very long Brooklyn Boy bagels queue, I ended up buying a cinnamon and raisin bagel and two plain mini bagels.

After that pit stop I walked around to check out the rest of the stalls and I then decided to leave because the markets were getting too crowded. 

Here is my small market haul:

Overall I enjoyed visiting the Flour Markets, I just think next time the organisers should stipulate limits to how many of the popular items people could buy so that everyone can have a chance to buy the popular items. Eg- Andy Bowdy’s sweets, these items sold out very quickly.

Flour Market’s website:http://flourmarket.com.au/


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