Cupcakes for two 

Does anyone remember that scene in the movie Bridesmaids when Annie bakes that amazing cupcake for one? Just like Annie, I have days when all I want is one or two cupcakes and cannot be bothered making a whole dozen. 

Today was one of those days when I felt like eating just one cupcake, so I searched Google for a recipe for cupcake for one and one of my favourite bloggers’ recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction came up and of course I used this recipe.

I was totally amazed how easy the recipe was, I ended up adding one teaspoon of yoghurt to add some moisture to the cupcakes. 

The cupcakes were ready after only 12 minutes. 

The cupcakes tasted amazing, they were  really delicious and moist. I will admit that I was really surprised how well the cupcakes turned out. (Excuse the wonky cupcake lol)

I ended up being really lazy and I made a basic cream based icing. I decided not to pipe the icing (too tired.. Mum life). Thankfully the basic icing still worked really well with the cupcakes.

I am not sure that knowing how to bake cupcakes for two is a good or bad thing, one thing I know is it is definitely a dangerous thing to know.

Cupcakes recipe for two can be found on this website:

Sally’s Baking Addiction Cupcakes for two


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