Baking for charity

As part of my 365 Days of Ness kindness challenge, I decided to help out my local Rotary club by baking cupcakes for free for their morning tea fundraiser, I was so excited to help out. Rotary’s morning tea fundraiser was to help raise money for the Queensland drought relief.

I ended up only baking 45 cupcakes because unfortunately I ran out of sugar and could not bake anymore, plus I did not want to wake up my toddler to go to the shops. I now wish I could have baked more cupcakes and maybe some chocolate brownies because there was not much available at the stall.


When I brought the cupcakes to the Rotary stall they were so excited and very surprised that I had baked so many cupcakes.

IMG_6402 IMG_6401

Many of the patrons at the stall were eager to buy a cupcake.

I could not stick around to help out at the stall because I had an appointment to go to, but I got an message from Rotary and they said they raised over $600 from the morning tea and thanked me for my valuable contribution. They also told me that the cupcakes went fast and people liked them.

I was so pleased that I could help out and that the morning tea went so well.






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