The World’s best butter cookies

Yes, you read right, these cookies are called the world’s best butter cookies, when I saw this recipe online, I knew I had to try making them.

I was having a craving for a good cookie, so I searched on Google for a recipe, when I saw this recipe claiming to be the world’s best butter cookies and that it was a recipe by Alice Medrich, I was immediately sold.

The recipe was a pretty easy recipe to follow, it required not many ingredients and it didn’t take long to make, the longest part was waiting for the dough to cool in the fridge. 

I ended up baking the butter cookies for 13 minutes instead of the suggested 16-18 minutes and I let the butter cookies cool on the tray before eating one. I decided not to decorate or add anything to the butter cookies because I wanted to see how they taste when they are plain.

The butter cookies did actually taste like the world’s best butter cookie, the butter cookie was crunchy, buttery and not too sweet. The butter cookies were tasty when they were a little bit warm.

I am so pleased that I got to get my cookie fix because I feel like cookies these days taste so bland. 

I will definitely have to add this recipe to my favourites, I’m feeling so chuffed to have found some great recipes this weekend. 

The recipe for World’s best butter cookies can be found on this website: 
World’s best butter cookies


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