Cupcake Central

I think it’s pretty obvious that I love cupcakes, but in my opinion there doesn’t seem to be many stores in Sydney that sell good cupcakes, thankfully I get to get my cupcake fix when I visit Melbourne at Cupcake Central. 

I really love Cupcake Central, I’ve been a huge fan of their cupcakes for many years. What I love most about Cupcake Central’s cupcakes is that not only do their cupcakes look good, they also taste amazing too. Cupcake Central’s cupcakes always taste so moist and fluffy, I honestly have never had a bad cupcake from there. 

This weekend I had a solo trip to Melbourne, I had a food itinerary planned and I was just so super excited to eat my way through Melbourne. Of course one stop was Cupcake Central, I have been twice already and I could easily go for another visit tomorrow. 

The first cupcake I tried was the Potato Head cupcake, the Potato Head cupcake was amazing, the combination of chocolate cupcake and potato chips is simply genius. The potato chips were also covered in white chocolate too, I really loved the sweet and salty combination of the flavours. The cupcake was also super moist. 

Today I visited Cupcake Central again and I bought the Churros Cupcake, the Churros cupcake is a brown sugar and cinnamon cake, with a caramel centre and topped with a caramel buttercream icing and a dark chocolate dipped churros on top. The Churros cupcake was so delicious, I felt like I was actually eating a churros, the cinnamon cake flavouring and the delicious churros on top was just divine. The cupcake was also so moist and I also the loved surprise caramel centre. This cupcake is definitely my new favourite cupcake.

I really really wish Cupcake Central would open up in Sydney one day, because Sydney needs good cupcakes. (Hint hint Cupcake Central)

Click on the link below to access Cupcake Central’s website:

Cupcake Central 


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