Dr Marty’s Crumpets

Nothing beats a delicious toasted crumpet with melted butter and vegemite  and for many years I have been eating Golden Crumpets from the supermarket because I was too lazy to make my own, whilst in Melbourne I discovered Dr Marty’s Crumpets. 

I had heard so many great things about Dr Marty’s Crumpets, so when I went to Melbourne I went searching to find out where I could buy the crumpets. I discovered that Dr Marty’s Crumpets could be bought from several grocers, market stalls or picking them up directly from the supplier, I decided to look for them at the markets and luckily I found the last packet at Bill’s Farm (clearly fate lol).

When I got back to my hotel, I made the difficult decision not to open up the crumpet packet and instead go to Koko Black who I noticed serves Dr Marty’s Crumpets with French butter and jam. 

When I arrived at Koko Black the staff member advised that I could order the crumpets with either raspberry cocoa nib jam or hazelnut spread, I opted for the hazelnut spread. 

The Dr Marty’s Crumpets were so delicious, the crumpets were a lot more fluffier and slightly more spongy in texture than the usual supermarket crumpet, the crumpets just tasted so much better than the supermarket version. 

When I got home back to Sydney that evening I toasted one of the crumpets and they just tasted so great that I regretted not buying more when I was in Melbourne, honestly how can I ever eat a supermarket crumpet ever again! 

Luckily you can order Dr Marty’s crumpets at Koko Black in Sydney and I’m sure there must be other places too, I think it is time do some research. 

Once you try Dr Marty’s Crumpets, you’ll never want to eat a boring old supermarket crumpet ever again!!! Life changing crumpets!

Click on the link below for further information about Dr Marty’s Crumpets:

Dr Marty’s Crumpets


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