I have been searching for the perfect chocolate for a while, so my friend suggested I visit Bibelot to try their chocolate.

This year I visited Bibelot twice, I had planned to try not only their chocolate but their cakes too, but unfortunately on both visits I didn’t get the chance to do so because on both occasions I was sick (sigh what are the odds!?)  I did however buy a lot of their chocolate.

On my first visit I bought a variety of their chocolate bars, I spent half hour trying to decide which ones to buy, but they all looked so delicious. 

I know this sounds really boring, but the milk chocolate version was my favourite, it could be the fact that it is made with my favourite chocolate Valrhona. The milk chocolate was so smooth and silky, it just melts in your mouth when you eat it. The milk chocolate is also not too sweet like some brands of milk chocolate and I felt like Scooby Doo does when he eats a Scooby snack, just so amazing and so in love.

On my second visit I ended up buying tonnes of the milk chocolate bars and also some salted caramels. The salted caramels were actually soft and chewy in texture and not hard as I had imagined, they tasted so buttery and slightly salty, and in hindsight I wish I bought more salted caramels because they tasted so damn good. 

Hopefully one day I can go back to Bibelot and try their cakes, because they just look so damn good. How will I eat regular chocolate ever again? 

I really should move to Melbourne. 

Click on this link for more information about Bibelot 

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