Flour Drum 

Every time I see a photo of a new delicious cake on Instagram, it makes me want to eat it, so when Simon’s Food Favourites posted a photo of Flour Drum’s creme brûlée lamington, I knew I had to have one. 

As you all know, I am obsessed with cake and I am especially obsessed with lamingtons, I honestly have not had a decent lamington in ages, I did try one famous Sydney based one but I’m just not a fan because I do not like raspberries. 

I managed to drive down to Newtown with my toddler and I met my mum and dad there on Tuesday morning, I kind of got lost because my Google Maps was not working properly so I couldn’t find the cafe. (I know how to get to Newtown though).  After much frustration, I located the cafe and was lucky enough to get parking right outside, I opted to make a quick pop in visit to get the lamington take away because my parents were dying to get home. 

Flower Drum is actually located near Alice Street, which is on the opposite end of King Street heading towards the direction of the Princes Highway, but still located in Newtown.

When I arrived inside the cafe, I made an immediate bee line for the creme brûlée lamington and I noticed that there was only enough for three slices left, I ended up deciding to buy the whole three slices. 

Sorry about the bad photo.. There was not much natural light and I didn’t have much time..

The creme brûlée lamington looked so beautiful, I just couldn’t wait to try some.

I ended up eating some before I ate lunch, because I couldn’t wait to try some. I really liked the creme brûlée lamington, although it was a tad too sweet for me, I loved that it was incredibly moist and so delicious. 

Flour Drum also has two other lamingtons, Jaffa and Tiramisu, I definitely want to try those two flavours.

I really want to come back and hopefully have the chance to sit down and enjoy some food and another lamington. 

Click on this link for information about Flour Drum


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