Deep fried chocolate brownie from Hux Grill 

Yes.. You read it right.. DEEP FRIED CHOCOLATE BROWNIE!!!!! I ate one tonight and it was seriously one the best desserts that I have ever eaten. 

Tonight Hubs, toddler and I decided to go out for dinner, our first option was the Char Char food truck, but the line was way too long, so Hubs suggested we try Hux Grill. 

When I read the menu, I skipped straight to the desserts section and when I read about the dessert deep fried chocolate brownie, I seriously thought that I might be hallucinating. Hubs asked what I wanted to order for dinner, I said that brownie and he said order some real food lol. 

The real food was great, but I am skipping to the subject of the deep fried chocolate brownie because I am all about the desserts.

The deep fried chocolate brownie comes with caramel macadamia nut ice cream, berry coulis and pistachio, honestly when you read these components on the menu, it just sounds so sickly sweet but surprisingly it isn’t.  

The deep fried chocolate brownie was crunchy on the outside, yet moist and fudgy on the inside, the ice cream was deliciously creamy and the macadamia nuts added  a nice crunch, the berry coulis and pistachio like crumbs were simple but complimented the dish nicely. Overall the dessert was surprisingly not too sweet or sickly, it was just perfect and almost tasted strangely refreshing after the meaty meal. 

Hubs and I were huge fans of Hux Grill and we definitely will be back soon, I am looking forward to eating more desserts off the menu. 

Click on the link for information about Hux Grill 


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