Work place friendly: Chocolate Microwave Cake 

 I wanted to make my own cake for one at work, but I wanted minimal fuss and I didn’t want to carry my scales or measuring cup. I decided to do my own conversions so I can make it at work.

I still used the recipe Moistest Chocolate microwave cake but I did some tiny conversions, I pre prepared all the dry ingredients and put them into zip lock bags and I placed the oil into a lock and lock container. With the ingredients conversion for the milk I used 5 tablespoons of milk instead of 1/4 cup + 1 tablespoons, I also added a variety of different chocolates into the mixture. I finished off the cake with a huge dollop of Gippsland Dairy pure double cream. We had no big cups or whisk at work, I mixed the ingredients in small bowls with a spoon and microwaved the cake in the same bowl.

My 5 recipients loved the cake so much, they said it was so moist and indulgent. I myself was surprised how EASY it was to make at work, it must’ve taken 3 minutes max. You really do not need to buy the White Wings cake in a cup, it’s better to do it yourself with better quality ingredients. 

I’ve decided that every Friday will be chocolate microwave cake day! This is such a dangerous thing!!! 


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