Whisk and Pin

Today to start my journey to find the perfect cookie/biscuit, I took a drive up to Katoomba to visit Whisk and Pin. Whisk and Pin makes cookies, muesli, chocolate such as rocky road and dried fruit. 

Going to Katoomba today probably wasn’t the brightest idea because it is was 9 degrees celsius when we were there and I was only wearing a dress and a light cardigan. Brrrr..

The entrance to Whisk and Pin is technically located on Kanimbla Street (West) and not quite on Wilson Street (as per their address online), I initially thought I was lost when Google Maps said I had arrived at my destination and all I saw was grass and Anytime Fitness.

The entrance

When I walked inside their showroom I was in awe at the stuff that they sold, there was a lot of temptation. I naturally walked straight over to the cookies.

Look at all of those cookies!

There were a large range of cookies available for purchase, there were smaller bite size cookies or bigger cafe individual sized cookies, these flavours included Chocolate Chip, Honey, Banana and Macadamia and there were so many more.

I ended up purchasing a bulk box of 12 of the bigger sized cookies for $35 which worked out cheaper than buying them individually at $4 each. I was so tempted to buy more, but I decided to behave myself. 

My delicious purchase

The guy working at the showroom told me that Whisk and Pin only use the finest quality ingredients and the cookies are also hand made, this is really a good thing to know considering so much cost cutting goes into making food these days.

When I got home I made a cup of tea and opened up a packet of one of the cookies, my first reaction was wow, I was very surprised by the large chunk of Belgian chocolate in the cookie. The cookie tasted very nice, the cookie was crunchy on the outside but chewy on the inside. The Belgian chocolate was deliciously indulgent and just melted in my mouth. I also didn’t find the biscuit to taste too sweet which was a huge plus. 

Look at those huge chocolate chunks!!!

I decided to read the ingredients on the back of the cookie and all the ingredients that were listed consisted of no artificial ingredients. The ingredients that caught my eye were the use of free range eggs, Belgian dark chocolate and there was even rolled oats in my cookie (I didn’t even taste oats in my cookie). 

I am so impressed that I’ll be definitely revisiting one day soon to try more from their cookie range. 

I definitely think that my journey to find the best cookie/biscuit has started off really well, Whisk and Pin’s cookies have set a really high standard.

Dessert addicts anonymous cookie rating: 9/10

Whisk and Pin is located at:

Unit 2, 44 Wilson Street Katoomba 


Whisk and Pin

Whisk and Pin cookies can be purchased from selected supermarkets and grocers, but I wanted to visit the showroom.


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