36 hour chocolate chip cookies from Made by MakMak

After seeing these amazing looking cookies on the Internet, I decided to head down to Made by MakMak to try the 36-hour chocolate chip cookies. 

Made by MakMak’s 36-hour chocolate chip cookies are made with such love, the dough’s dry ingredients are aged for 36 hours so that the ingredients maintain lots flavour and chewy texture when baked. (Read more about it on their website)

When I arrived at Made by MakMak I was so excited that they had some cookies in stock, because when I went the day before they had just sold out. 

The sign

Urgh excuse the dodgy photo, I had my hands full

Those chocolate chip cookies ..

I ended up buying 6 cookies because I wanted to share them with my friends. I also had my eye on the macarons but I decided to just stick to buying the cookies.

My friend and I decided to eat one of the cookies as soon as we left the building. From first bite we were overwhelmed at how much delicious good quality chocolate was in the cookie, the addition of the flaky sea salt on top of the cookie gave the cookie a delicious sweet and salty sensation that worked really well and the cookie itself had a lovely chewy texture. The cookies were so delicious that I found it really hard to share them with my friends. 

All that chocolate

I have to say that my friends and I were so impressed with these 36 hour chocolate chip cookies and we have declared it as one of the best chocolate chip cookies that we have ever eaten. 

My friends have already ordered that I make another visit to buy more of these delicious cookies. I personally want to try their macarons and other cookies.

Dessert addicts anonymous cookies rating: 9.5/10

Made by MakMak is located at: 

Shop 1/281 Clarence Street Sydney.

MakMak website: 


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