The Tea Cosy

I have finally found the best scones in Sydney.. Yes you read this right! 

For quite a while now I have been trying to find the perfect scones and every time I tried one, they were either dry or bland. My friend suggested I make a visit to The Tea Cosy to try their awesome scones.

I ended up going to The Tea Cosy on one of the coldest days in Sydney, which probably wasn’t the brightest idea, but it did mean that they were not crazy busy. I took my American friends with me because they wanted to see what a scone tastes like.

From the outside, The Tea Cosy looked really small but when you enter the premises, you can actually see the lovely courtyard and indoor areas. The atmosphere was so lovely and sweet that felt like I was at my grandmother’s house.

So lovely

The huge selection of jams

The teapots are beautiful.

The knitting yarn

The baking schedule

As soon as we sat down we were given the menu and of course we decided to order the scones, I ordered all plain scones except for one cheese scone for my son. I also ordered a variety of jams including strawberry and vanilla and fig and ginger.

We also ordered English breakfast and other varieties of tea as well.

The menu

choose your flavour of scone

When the scones and tea arrived on our table, we were just so excited. 

Our order of scones and tea

Yummy scone

We all agreed that the scones tasted really amazing, the scones were still warm and so fluffy and you could really taste that they were recently freshly baked. These scones were definitely the best that I have ever eaten. Yay!

The tea that we drunk was really nice too, good to see them using tea leaves.

 I am really so happy that I’ve finally found the perfect scones, I will definitely come back to try the other flavours of scones soon. 

The Tea Cosy is located at:

33 George Street, The Rocks.


The Tea Cosy


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