Super crispy potato scallops

I thought that I’d take a break from the usual sweets post by writing about one of my favourite things to eat and probably one of the very few savoury things I can cook.. Potato scallops!

Gosh I love potato scallops, I could eat them all day and everyday. I used to always get them from a local take away shop, until one day I had a huge craving for some, so I decided to look up a recipe. 

Making potato scallops was the easiest thing to do, it was in fact so easy that I wondered why I never tried to make them before. For the recipe that I found, I made a few tweaks, for example I only used flour, water and pepper and I didn’t add the salt. I also used my deep fryer filled with rice bran oil, I thought this was the safest option for me.

The potato scallops took only a few minutes to cook and when they were ready I placed them on a paper towel to drain, I then sprinkled them with chicken salt. 

Check out the crispy golden brown batter!!! 

The potato scallops tasted amazing, I actually thought that they tasted better than the ones at the take away shop. The golden brown batter was just so crunchy and divine and the potato was cooked just right. Sooo dangerously tasty! 

The worst thing about knowing how to make these is the fact that I’d be so tempted to make them all the time. 

Gosh, someone stop me! 

The potato scallop recipe can be found on this website: 

Stay at home mum’s potato scallops recipe


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