The easiest cupcake recipe EVER!!!

Lazy me was searching for the easiest cupcake recipe so I could use up my soon to expire sour cream, I stumbled upon a recipe that was called “the world’s fastest chocolate cake..” and without reading any further, I was sold.

When I read the recipe, I was quite sceptical because the recipe just seemed too easy and I was suspicious because it didn’t require any butter, but alas I gave it a go.

The cake batter was made so easily and fast, it was simply put all the measured ingredients into a bowl and then mix, way too easy! I ended up using the batter to make cupcakes, this meant baking the cupcakes at around 162 degrees celsius for around 20 minutes in my fan forced oven. 

When the cupcakes cooled down, I tasted one and I was super impressed! The cupcakes were so chocolately and so moist, I honestly cannot remember eating a chocolate cupcake this moist in a long time. I couldn’t believe how such an easy recipe could turn out so well.

I ended up making some chocolate buttercream icing to pipe on the cupcakes.

So delicious and chocolately

I have been telling all my beginner baking friends about this recipe, because it is just SO easy! 

This easy recipe can be found on this website:

Easy chocolate sour cream cupcakes

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