Speculoos chocolate brownies 

Speculoos (cookie butter) spread is one of my favourite sweet spreads, my obsession started when I first tasted Trader Joe’s Speculoos spread, thankfully Aldi occasionally sells their version of the Speculoos so I can get my fix.   

I needed to bake something for my work colleague’s farewell morning tea and for one of the first times ever I did not feel like baking, I decided to make Speculoos chocolate brownies. 

I really love the chocolate brownies recipe that I found online, it is such a easy recipe and so versatile. To make these brownies, I ended up adding a few teaspoons of slightly melted Speculoos spread and then swirling it into the brownie mixture. The combination looked so sexy.

Twenty minutes later and I was in awe at how delicious the brownies smelt and how great they looked. I impatiently waited for the brownies to cool down and then I cut them, the oozing cookie butter out of the chocolate brownies just looked so drool worthy.

Oozy goodness

The combination of the Speculoos spread and moist chocolate brownies worked really well, they really complimented each other. So damn tasty.

Thankfully my friend loved them too. 

Lucky for me I have three jars of Speculoos to use, I can foresee that a lot more Speculoos chocolate brownies will be made soon.


Chocolate brownies
I used Speculoos spread from Aldi.


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