Kez’s Kitchen Baked Bikkies Salted Caramel and White chocolate 

The best things come in smaller sizes or smaller packages and these bite sized Kez’s kitchen salted caramel and white chocolate bikkies are no exception.

I bought these these delicious bikkies at the Good Food and Wine show, they had run out of smaller bags, so she sold me a bigger bag. I have to say that I was in heaven sampling all the biscuits at their stand at the show.

The  salted caramel and white chocolate bikkies are actually in bite sized portions, which is great for some in terms of portion control but for me it just means I’ll eat more.

I may have eaten 10 or more of these in one go

I really loved these bikkies, they are perfectly crunchy to dip into a cup of tea and they are not too sweet either. The bikkies contain a salted caramel chewy bit in each bikkie and also some white chocolate, the combination of these two makes the bikkies a very delicious match.

Unfortunately I am not too sure if they sell these in the shops, but I’m pretty sure you can buy them online. 

Dessert addicts anonymous rating: 9.5/10

Kez’s Kitchen website: Kez’s Kitchen


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