Koi Dessert Bar

I forgot to post this.. so here it is months later 😫

Yay, I finally made it to Koi Dessert Bar, this visit was a long time coming, trying to plan a visit sans toddler is so hard. 
My friend and I decided to check out Koi Dessert Bar after overdosing on fried delights at Spice Alley, thankfully because we went on a weekday, it was not busy. 

Koi Dessert Bar is located on Kensington Street Chippendale, the dessert bar is two stories high, so there are plenty of seats available. 

My friend and I opted to sit at the bar area because it just looked so damn pretty and the scents from the flowers and fragrant oils was intoxicating.

It was such a hard choice in deciding which desserts to order because we were not hungry at all, so we decided to share two desserts, we ordered the tropical slice and the strawberry pillow.

The tropical slice was my favourite because it contained mango and I love mango flavoured desserts. 

I really am so excited for Koi Dessert Bar, this is my dream place, I cannot wait to come back soon. 

Koi Dessert Bar website


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