New favourites

It’s time to update you all on my current sweet favourites.

1. Christina’s Honey Cake

I am absolutely obsessed with Christina’s Honey Cake! This honey cake is hands down my favourite cake that I’ve eaten so far. The cake is truly addictive.

Link Christina’s Honey Cakes

2. Alouss Chocolate

I discovered Alouss Chocolate at the Good, Food and Wine Show and I have been addicted ever since. Their Mossman milk chocolate is my favourite from their range, it’s just so smooth and creamy!

Link Alouss Chocolate

3. Black Cockatoo Bakery

Black Cockatoo Bakery is the most amazing bakery, I am addicted to their chocolate croissants, their croissants are so flaky and buttery. In my opinion, their croissants are the best that I’ve ever eaten.

Link Black Cockatoo Bakery

4. Grumpy Donut’s Fairy Bread Donut

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Grumpy Donuts, their donuts are just so amazing! I love their fairy bread donut, it is so yummy and the sprinkles remind me of my childhood.

Link Grumpy Donuts

There you have it, my current top favourites. Any suggestions on where else I should go or eat?



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